Courses Offered

Marymount Manhattan College:

Sense and Medium
Web Workshop
Themes in Interactive Media
Ethical Practices & Emerging Technologies
Interactive Narrative and Nonlinear Storytelling

Brown University:

Documentary Filmmaking for Social Change
Digital Video Production
Explorations in Video Art
Interactive Video
Funky Moving Images: Rotoscope Animation and Video for Live Presentation
History of Animation
Interactivity & Intersections of Physical & Virtual Space
Interactive Sculpture
Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments
Electronic Music

Community College of Rhode Island:

Digital Art I (Digital Imaging & New Media Authorship)
Digital Art II (Web Design & Net.Art)
Video Documentary


Marymount Manhattan College, Communication Arts, New York, NY
Assistant Professor, Fall 2013 - Present 

Brown University, Summer & Continuing Studies, Providence, RI. 
Brown University, Visual Art Department, Providence, RI. 
Lecturer, Fall 2008 - Summer 2013.

Community College of Rhode Island, Art Department, RI. 
Lecturer, Summer 2005 - Fall 2013.