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Literary Arts :: Writing Digital Media
Installation :: Custom Software :: Laser Projection :: Performance

     "The work is about monumentality and, in the context of digitally mediated writing, about the kind of texts that we produce as memorials, about the way in which we might want these texts to appear to be and to remain permanent while also remaining open to the acts of inscription and of reading that become a writing through the present and a potential for rewriting in the future.  Edrex has been composing and working with texts that want to be written in stone and to persist as such, but then shift and fade in and out of readability, crossing back and forth, catastrophically, between linguistic and graphic form, worrying the readability of memorial and memory in new media systems that are striving to be forever and reliably old."

John Cayley                         
April 29, 2012                         


14th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium
I recently presented "Seær" at the The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College.

TechFest 2014
Robert Goldschmidt and I exhibited the next generation of work in the Overlooked Series, as part of Asia's Largest Science and Technology Festival.

The Social Life of Dignity
At the request of Al-Sheikha Fadyah Al-Sabah, and the Al-Saad Foundation for Knowledge and Scientific Research, I served as part of an academic panel that lead the GUST discourse about dignity in the social life in Kuwait.  


2015 Spring Courses:
Web Workshop (MMM)
Emerging Technologies and Ethical Practices (MMM)
Themes in Interactive Media (MMM)